CEAPLogoGet training from an experienced, certified healthcare and court interpreter who’s accredited through the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters’ Continuing Education Accreditation Program (CEAP)!

Looking for 40 hours of training that meets National Standards for Healthcare Interpreter Training Programs and the prerequisites for national certification?  Join me onsite for Bridging the Gap in Indianapolis! See the details and sign up for the September 2018 class!

September 18th, 1pm – 2pm EST: Navigating Healthcare, Court, and Conference Interpreting: Can any interpreter work anywhere, no matter the setting? What does it take to move from one setting to another? In this webinar, I share my experience moving from healthcare to court to conference interpreting, and back again. Specific examples of skills used in each setting, finding the differences and similarities among all settings. This webinar is approved for 1 CE hour by CCHI and RID, and 0.1 IMIA/NBCMI CEUs (Education Registry ID 18-1320, expires on 07/30/2020). Cost: $25 Register here!

October 19th, 3pm – 4:30pm EST at LUNA Language Services in Indianapolis: In this workshop, interpreters define self-care and its importance to their work. Participants then identify the effects of mental fatigue and emotional impact on their interpreting practice, and how these factors can negatively impact the accuracy and overall quality of their work. They will explore strategies for overcoming mental fatigue and emotional impact in and outside of the interpreted encounter, including appropriate ways to debrief while still maintaining confidentiality. This workshop will be conducted in spoken English and is approved for 1.5 CEUs through CCHI’s CEAP. Cost: $20. Register here!

Workshops available upon request:

Interpreting for Cancer Genetics: A workshop for interpreters in healthcare: This 4-hour workshop presents basic information about cancer genetics, introduces specialized vocabulary with exercises, provides opportunities for interpreting practice and discusses unique challenges facing interpreters in this area. Language-specific materials for consecutive interpreting practice are available in Spanish, Cantonese and Russian.

This curriculum was developed by Cynthia Roat, MPH; Galen Joseph, PhD, Claudia Guerra MSW; Janice Cheng, PhD, Robin Lee, LCGC; Karlena Lara-Otero, PhDwith funding from The University of California, San Francisco, Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, Give Breast Cancer the Boot.

Note Taking for Healthcare Interpreters (CE-approved):  Have you ever wondered how note taking could help your consecutive interpreting in healthcare, but not sure where to start?  This workshop is for you!  Participants will identify note taking as a tool to support short term memory and accuracy, identify symbols and abbreviations to use in note taking, and finally practice note taking techniques using consecutive dialogues.  This workshop is appropriate for all spoken languages and all skill levels. There aren’t any upcoming dates for this workshop.

“How Much Do You Want to Know?” Delivering Bad News for Interpreters (CE-approved): This 3-hour workshop explores difficulties faced by healthcare interpreters when delivering bad news. Using a featured article from The ATA Chronicle, Interpreting Bad News: What Interpreters Might Learn from Medical Training and Research, this workshop offers an overview of when, where, and how bad news is delivered in the healthcare setting, and particular challenges for the interpreter. It also allows interpreters a chance to consider equivalents in their non-English languages. There aren’t any upcoming dates for this workshop.

Intercultural Communication for Healthcare Interpreters (CE-approved): As healthcare interpreters, cultural awareness is one of our values.  Are you looking for a chance to explore how cultural differences can create barriers to communication in healthcare, and how cultural awareness helps us overcome those barriers?  This workshop is for you!  Through small group activities and guided discussions, participants will define culture and its role in a service setting, identify common barriers to communication caused by cultural differences, and strategies to overcome them, and practice using strategies to overcome misunderstandings caused by cultural barriers, using critical incidents.  This workshop is open to all healthcare interpreters of any language.  There aren’t any upcoming dates for this workshop.

From Tummy Time to Tethered Cords: Interpreting in Developmental Pediatrics (CE-approved):  Wondering what to expect in the developmental peds setting? A handout will be available with Spanish equivalents, but the webinar is presented in English only, and open to all interpreters.  This webinar was presented as part of the Midwest Association of Translation and Interpreters webinar series, and is also available on-site.  Click here to find the recording of the webinar!

“The Other Interpreter Did It”: Ethics for Healthcare Interpreters (CE-approved):  This language-neutral workshop is open to all spoken language interpreters of all skill and experience levels.  In this popular, interactive workshop, we use ethical principles to resolve common conflicts faced by healthcare interpreters. There aren’t any upcoming dates for this workshop.

“The Other Interpreter Did It, Again”: More Ethics for Healthcare Interpreters (CE-approved):  This 90-minute language-neutral workshop is open to all spoken language interpreters of all skill and experience levels.  This workshop is meant to be a follow-up to the original “The Other Interpreter Did It”, and the two can be combined for three hours of CEs. There aren’t any upcoming dates for this workshop.

Preparing to Work With Victims of Violence in Healthcare: A Nursing and Interpreting Perspective (CE-approved): This 90-minute interactive language-neutral workshop offers an overview of what to expect when interpreting for victims of violence in the healthcare setting.  This unique workshop was developed with and is co-presented by Sarah Hines, RN, CFN, a forensic nurse experienced in working with interpreters.  There aren’t any upcoming dates for this workshop.

All-day Medical Terminology for Interpreters: Seven contact hours! Spend a day with your colleagues improving your interpreting practice and preparing for your national certification. Developed by nationally-recognized Cross-Cultural Communications, LLC, the workshop includes interactive activities that focus on:

  • Greek and Latin roots and affixes
  • Medical specialties
  • Six body systems
  • Diseases and disorders
  • Symptoms
  • Medical abbreviations and more

Included in the workshop fee:

  • A 134-page handbook (a $40 value) with Spanish translations for most terms and activities
  • Day-long refreshment – coffee, water, soda, and snacks.
  • A certificate of attendance

Past events:

I spoke on my experience preparing interpreters for certification exams at the Michigan Medicine Interpreters Conference in April 2018.

I was delighted to speak at the Lenguas 2017 conference in Mexico City on Giving Feedback and Working into an English B.

I had a great time speaking about advocacy for interpreters at the 2017 IMIA conference in Houston!

I was thrilled to be invited to speak at the panel discussion, Healthcare Interpreting: Beyond the Bilingual at Duke’s Forum for Publics and Scholars in January 2017!

I was invited to speak at the Healthcare Interpretation Network’s Recruitment Fair on June 11th, 2016 in Toronto!  I met lots of colleagues working in Ontario, and I was one of the panelists for the discussion, Quality Assurance in Interpretation.  The slides and recording of the panel are available on HIN’s website.

Language Access: Improving Health and the Patient Experience in Columbus, Ohio on June 25th, 2016 was great fun, and I presented with my colleague, Erin Chavez on Advocating to overcome systemic barriers: A practical management and policy perspective for healthcare interpreters.

Check out these comments from past course participants:

“Liz is awesome!  I really appreciate her attitude and all the knowledge she shared with us.  It takes a lot to cover so much material in such little time, and keep everyone engaged.  Great material and great trainer!”

“Liz was a tremendous instructor.  She always was positive and made everyone feel like their contribution was important.”

“Liz was extremely talented at validating students’ comments and integrating their thoughts and questions seamlessly into the training, which made all feel comfortable participating.  Her instruction was clear, well-organized, and concise!”

“Liz was very organized, and kept class sessions moving forward to reach our learning goals.  She has a great rapport with class.  She really seemed interested in helping us learn.”




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