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Under the Headset: The Joy of Working in Pajama Pants

IMG_1670This month’s post comes from a fellow healthcare interpreter, Anna Stieg, an Ohio-based interpreter who shares her experience of moving from onsite work to telephonic work. She’s got some fun insights, and a lot of what she shares will resonate with any interpreter. Thanks, Anna, for your contribution!


Two days ago, as I was putting on my pajama pants, my boyfriend asked me why I was getting dressed for work. Pajama pants, people. And the truth is, he wasn’t wrong. I work in pajama pants! Most days. Recently I have added some black sweats into the rotation. And I do shower and put on makeup every day. This is how I “show up” to bankruptcy court, all kinds of hospital visits, inmate physicals, financial calls for loans, and more. Continue reading “Under the Headset: The Joy of Working in Pajama Pants”