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Certificates and Certifications: Stop the Madness

The misunderstandings surrounding certification for interpreters reached a fever pitch in my world this week. The whole cloud of confusion surrounding translation and interpretation is nothing compared to the certification issue.

I’ve been having the usual blast I have teaching Bridging the Gap this week, and I’ve also been hearing the usual questions about being a Bridging the Gap certified interpreter after we finish the training.  Bridging the Gap certified? Nope.

CCHI cert selfie!
CCHI cert selfie!

When you take Bridging the Gap, or Medical Terminology for Interpreters, or any other training like that, at the end you receive a certificate of completion or a certificate of attendance.  You have to pass a written test at the end of BTG to demonstrate that you learned what I taught you from the curriculum, and then you get a certificate of completion. The certificate doesn’t ever expire. It’s simply proof that you attended a training, and maybe passed a test at the end–A test that evaluates your knowledge of the curriculum content of that specific training, but that does not attest that you’re competent to interpret, and does not attest to your language skills.

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Summer of Interpreter Training!


This summer I’ve taught two 40-hour Bridging the Gap interpreter trainings (whew!) and I’m super excited to be teaching a medical terminology workshop for interpreters this Saturday! I looked at the roster today and was so happy to see names of friends, colleagues and former trainees. In the meantime, I’m working on a new post about visiting the RID conference that was in Indy last week. Hope everyone’s had a great summer!

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That Certified Interpreter


In July, I drove from Indianapolis to Ann Arbor to take the oral exam for national certification for health care interpreters. It’s the last step (the first is a written exam) in the certification process. So, aren’t you dying to know the rest of the story? Did I pass, or what?

Health care interpreters have been waiting for national certification, available only within the last couple of years.  Interpreting is a job that people think anyone can do. How hard can interpreting be?  It’s just talking. Continue reading “That Certified Interpreter”

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Jump In and…Splat.

raindrops1-1-1556962A while back, I wrote about facing fears and “jumping in”.  When I was little, I mostly remember hearing about looking before you leap, but one time, an adult told me, “He who hesitates is lost”.  When approaching a challenge, I tend to go the look-before-you-leap route, carefully thinking and planning, and then the courageous, more ballsy, leap-of-faith-y “He who hesitates is lost” takes me the rest of the way.  This a story about considering that leap of faith, and then turning back in the face of fear.  I think. Continue reading “Jump In and…Splat.”